Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Trekking

Tour package of semeru mountain climbing

Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain TrekkingTour Package of Semeru Moutain Climbing is a special tour package for Semeru Trekking, Semeru hiking and Semeru Climbing from Surabaya, Malang and Banyuwangi Ketapang Harbor and also from Mount Bromo National Park. Trekking to Mount Semeru is mostly preferred by Mountain trekkers from almost all the world, especially by nature photographers. They choose to climb Mount Semeru for the reason, Semeru Mountain altitude is more challenge than Bromo Mountain, Mount Semeru with an altitude 3,676 meters above sea level has more spectacular view because it is the highest than other mountain and has temperature around 02 – 05 degree centigrade on the top section.

How to reach Mount Semeru (the highest mount in East Java Province 3.676 metres)
If you have planning to make holiday to Mount Semeru, the nearest way is from Surabaya Airport and Malang City. From Surabaya Airport or Hotel, you can take the public bus to the bus station of Probolinggo City with duration 4 hours driving. After get probolinggo bus station, then continue take the public taxi to Cemoro Lawang Ngadisari for 1 hour driving. Afterward enjoy Mount Bromo Sunrise by staying all night in one of hotel in Bromo Mountain or you can continue directly to Mount Semeru by taking Mount Bromo Jeep Rental from Cemoro Lawang to Ranu Pane (parking lot) for 2 hours driving. After get Ranu Pane, you can rent the porters and local guide to accompany your trekking while serve you with complete service, then checking your health by submitting medical check to Semeru National Park Officer and equip trekking requirements such as Luggage, Tent, Flashlight and other trekking necessaries until really ready and start trekking for 4 hours to Kumbolo Lake. After get Kumbolo Lake, making a Camp for all night with the porters service, then enjoy Kumbolo Lake Sunrise or “Ranu Kumbolo” until finish and continued trekking to Kali Mati for 5 hours then make the second camping ground to wait the next trekking to the top of Semeru. Then start the trip from Kali Mati at 23:00 PM until get the top of Mount Semeru at 05:00 AM. Afterward, waiting for Sunrise rising at 05:15 AM, enjoy the sunrise and view until finish and satisfied.

Trekking requirement before enjoy Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Climbing

Bring a Medical Check from your country or state to check the health in Mount Semeru National Park Office
On your way before Ranupane Lake, stop at Gubuk Klakah village to take a permit letter to the National Park officer.
In Ranupane area, register your name, your group and give your Medical Check and submit an entrance fee.
Tent, backpack, trekking shoes, raincoat, warm cloths, sleeping bag, mattrass, headlamp.
Mountaineering cooking stuff, documentation (camera), food, water, medicine, tissues, and other personal trekking necessaries

Mount Bromo Tour Package finish Surabaya, Jogjakarta, Banyuwangi and Bali :

Mount Bromo Midnight Tour (1N and 1D)
Mount Bromo Milky Way Tour (2 D)
Kumbolo Lake Sunrise and Mount Bromo Tour (3 D)
Semeru Trekking Tour Package Without Hotel 2 Days
Mount Semeru Trekking Tour Package 4 Days
Semeru Trekking and Mt Bromo Tour Package 4 Days
Mount Semeru Summit and Mt Bromo Trekking Tour 5 Days
Semeru Trekking, Mount Bromo, Ijen Crater Tour 6 Days

Information of Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Climbing
You can visit Our contact to get detail information about Tour Package Of Semeru Mountain Climbing, Bromo Tour Package, Accommodation, and trekking facility.


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